Balobedu Get Together successfully celebrated 10 years on the 26th of December 2019

Balobedu ba Ga-Modjadji have been meeting every year on the 26th of December for 10 years thanks to the annual event 'Balobedu Get Together'.

Yes, you read it right. It's been 10 years already. The event was a success and people showed up in numbers to celebrate 10 years of Balobedu Get Together as expected. The team behind Balobedu Get Together took every precautionary measures to ensure the safety of those in attendance. Security was extremely impressive and everyone felt safe, from artists to fans.

This year's line up was filled with local artists, making it truly an event meant to bring Balobedu together. The performances were mind blowing as artists brought to the stage amazing energy and they really connected with the fans.

A lot of us were convinced that there won't be a 10th BGT this year because the organizers were quiet about it for a long time, but when they finally announced the good news that there will infact be a 10th installment of the much loved event, the news got everyone excited. And proof of excitement is the fact that Balobedu came out to the event in numbers.

It has truly been an amazing 10 years, all we ask from the organizers next year is for them not to keep us in suspense for such a long time concerning the 11th instalment of the event. It was driving everyone crazy being in the dak because as Balobedu we love meeting up on the 26th and socializing with our fellow Balobedu.

Ke zwazweo!

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