VDEO: General Manizo sends a message to Lil Meri Mathopa King of Voice - WATCH and SHARE

General Manizo of Bad Company music group has sent a message to Lil Meri Mathopa through a video clip which is currently making rounds on social media.

Lil Meri Mathopa used to be a member of Bad Company Music group which is led by General Manizo, it is not clear why Lil Meri quit the music group but there has been speculations. There has been a rumour that General Manizo wants to kill Lil Meri.

And in this video, Manizo can be heard addressing the rumour, saying "you were once arrested and you found me in jail at tzaneen cell number 9 after your mum opened a case against you. Why didn't i kill you then? why didn't i beat you up? why didn't i rape you? i am your brother." says Manizo in the video.


In the video it is clear that Manizo blames director for his fallout with Lil Meri, it is clear Manizo believes that director is the one spreading rumours just to cause conflicts between Lil Meri and Manizo because in the video Manizo can be heard saying "yowo wao hloka meeno(meaning director)" tried to make music with a lot of people and failed and now he is trying to squeeze himself into Lil Meri's success.

Some people think Lil Meri quit Bad Company Music group simply because there was no money in the group, this is because a while back Lil Meri once made a video saying "yena ase yena yanoo wa Bad Compamy yaose patele". This was durig his first gig in Tembisa at a tavern called Ga-Kaizer which is located in Winnie.

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