Fake Sangoma confesses to pocketing R15 000 from insecure rich man in Tzaneen

A rich Limpopo man had to wear the dirty panties of his wife on his head for almost an hour after having been tricked by a fake Sangoma.

As if this was not enough, he had to go in circles around the local graveyard speaking to himself like a mentally disorganised person.

The man who has profusely asked the media not to reveal his name is considering laying charges of theft by false pretence against the supposed Sangoma and his friend.

This unbelievable but true life drama started to unfold in one of the local taverns in Mokgoloboto Village near Tzaneen.

The man had told a trusted friend of his how his wife of 20 years had suddenly become a devoted Christian who always went away on prayer errands.
"She would take several days away from home claiming to be at the mountain for fasting and prayers but everytime she returned home, her Pastor delivered her at the gate," said the man who confessed that these trips sexually starved him and also caused him to suspect his wife might have been having an affair with the Pastor.

The man made a mistake of sharing his frustrations with a trusted friend at the tavern.
The friend told him he knew of a powerful Sangoma who could sort out his problems.
Two days later he was taken to the "Sangoma" who was in full gear that's worn by Sangomas and who threw the bones.

After the bones spoke of the man's family problems concerning the wife he was told to go home to fetch and bring along at least two unwashed panties of his wife in order to stop her from "sleeping" around or seeing the Pastor.
"When l came with the panties my 'Sangoma' took me to the local graveyard where he requested me to strip naked before wearing the two dirty panties with my nose having to be directly where the panties were supposed to cover his wife's private parts," said the man today.

He was then given a plastic bag full of small stones and asked to go around in circles around the graveyard while speaking alone saying 'my sweetie please stop seeing the pastor' while busy throwing the stones away.

All these after paying a whooping R15 000 to the supposed Sangoma.

The media confronted the man who had pretended to be a Sangoma and he confirmed that he was actually not a Sangoma but only needed money.
Realising that he was cornered he confessed that he shared the man's money with his friend but was willing to refund it.

Meanwhile the fake Cop who was arrested at a roadblock in Limpopo after being found with police uniform and other police equipments belonging to the police had also pretended to be a Sangoma and sometimes a Priest for a big church in the country. 

Thomas Magane (28) was first arrested by the South African Police Service at a roadblock in Dennilton outside Groblersdal on December 28 last year.

This was after he was found in possession of Police equipment including a firearm and ammunition as well as handcuffs and a bulletproof vest.

He appeared before the Moutse magistrate's court on Thursday and was granted R4000 bail only to be rearrested by Mpumalanga police for theft of a gun at a police station.

"This man is everything; a fake Cop; a fake Sangoma; a fake Priest and possibly a fake humanbeing." Said a social media user on Facebook.

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