Residents of Makhurupetsi cry out for a bridge, the only road out of the village is blocked by floods of rain- SEE PICTURES

Residents of Ga-Makhurupetsi in Bolobedu are crying out for a bridge after rain floods blocked the only road out of the village on Sunday.

According to a source, there is a bridge at Ga-Makhurupetsi but it is of poor quality because everytime it rains the bridge gets flooded, preventing villagers from crossing to the other side where there is civilization.

This means that when it rains, villagers can't go to church, they can't go shopping at the local plaza, the ones that are ill can not go to the hospital or the nearest clinic and kids can't go to school because this is the only road out of the village.

See pictures below:
This issue has sparked outrage among the villagers, with some of them threatening to go on strike because they're convinced that the only language our government understands is violence and destruction of public proterty and infrastructure.

Parents are just worried that if this rain persists, then their kids will not go to school and this puts their future at risk. A lot of people believe that education is the only way out of these villages for them and the future generations. So a bigger and reliable bridge is needed for the villagers of Ga-Makhurupetsi in order for the kids of the village to be able to get to School.

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