Food parcels stored at SASSA offices in Mopani district while the people starve during lockdown

People allover South Africa are struggling to survive during this Lockdown. Most of them sleep on an empty stomach while others don't even know where their next meal will come from.

Food parcels have been allocated to different municipalities to help feed the needy during this global pandemic. However, Mopani district is failing the community because people are not being fed even though there is more than enough food parcels stored at SASSA offices in Mopani district.

According to our sources this is because only one company was appointed to distribute the food parcels to the needy and the company does not have the capacity to handle this project.

Now SASSA offices have turned into a warehouse and SASSA employees are doing work for the service provider where as the service provider should have it's own employees for this project. This would've have also created jobs for people that actually need the work during this hard time rather than using SASSA employees who already have jobs.

So basically communities in Mopani district are being deprived of two essential things. They are being deprived food to eat and they are being deprived job opportunities to help distribute these food parcels that are being kept at the SASSA offices.
As you can see from the pictures above provided by our source, the single company appointed to distribute food parcels in Mopani district is incapable of such a big job. They are using a bakkie and a trailer where as a project of this magnitude needs a truck because Mopani district has a lot of villages. A single company with a single bakkie and a trailer can not possibly handle this project. We do not even know how this company qualified for this project.

According to our sources, qualified personnel from Mopani district were sidelined on this project and a company from Gauteng was appointed for the project.

"People who actually know Mopani and it's villages quite well were overlooked on this project while a company from out of the province was appointed, this doesn't even benefit our local economy because the company is from Gauteng." Said a disgruntled businessman from Mopani district

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