Read Open Letters to King Monada - Some say he is now irrelevant and wack, others say people are jealous

King Monada recently released a track titled "permit" where he is with Marskay. But the track has brought mixed emotions amongst the King's fans.

Some fans feel like King Monada is now irrelevant and wack, they feel like they no longer connect with him and his music. Some fans even went as far as saying they miss the old King Monada who used to make songs that they could relate to. However, King Monada still has thousands of fans who still think that he is the best and everyone else is just jealous and full of envy.
On the above open letter some fans agreed with Mkhari while others said she is bitter because he probably slept with her and left her.
On this open letter, most people agreed with Elijah and said King Monada could use an advisor of his caliber. Others brushed him off as jealous and trying to sound wise at Monada's expense.

There are more open letters online but King Monada did not reply to any of them. But it seems like one of King Monada's friends reacted on one of the open letters and that's when King Monada took to WhatsApp to privately reprimand his friend. The screen shot of the conversation leaked and you can read it below.
After this screenshot leaked, King Monada's former friend and fellow musician "Omee Otis" composed his own open letter. In the open letter, one can get the sense that Omee Otis feels like King Monada was referring to him in the WhatsApp conversation.
in this open letter, Omee Otis basically accuses King Monada of being selfish.

He also exposes the fact that he wrote King Monada's verses on No Ties and Fufa.

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