Shoprite at Modjadji Plaza closed after employees test positive for COViD19

Shoprite at Kgapane Plaza has been closed down after employees tested positive for COViD19.

A lot of o people who do their shopping in Modjadji Plaza are now extremely worried about their own Coronavirus status. It is believed that the cashiers came in contact with a lot of shoppers and there's no telling how far the virus has spread from the shoprite tills to households.

ShopRite is one of the busiest stores in Kgapane, accommodating shoppers from Kgapane as a whole and various villages such as Ga-Sekgopo, Ga-Matipane, Ga-Mokwakwaila, Medingen, Ga-Malematja and so on.

In other news, it has been reported that the government has already dug 1,5 million graves which are expected to be used for mass funerals of Coronavirus victims. Not just that but lab tests have proved that some sanitizers do not contain enough alcohol to protect people from Coronavirus. Clearly the manufacturers of these sanitizers only care about their financial gains and not the safety of the masses, adding sufficient alcohol to the product will cost them their profit.

With that being said, members of the community are urged to exercise extreme caution during this period. Stay at home, only go out if it is absolutely necessary and always wear your face mask because according to reports, Coronavirus is airborne!

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