Sting Carter releases his first album "Black Super Hero Music"

One of our very own Justin Masilo Maake, famously known as "Sting Carter" is celebrating a milestone in his career.

Sting Carter has finally released his much anticipated album titled "Black Super Hero Music". Sting Carter is no stranger to the entertainment industry.

He has been seen performing at a lot of events allover Bolobedu over the years and has even shared a stage with prominent artists like Cassper anyovest but this is his first album.

According to the artist, this master peace took almost 8 years to complete and he is quite proud of this because despite challenges and obstacles he encountered on this journey, he managed to finish the project and thus motivating other black kids to be patient and never give up.

For those who don't really know much about Sting Carter. He is a very social person, both in person and on social media. He is a very friendly person but he didn't always use to be like that.

Those that know Sting Carter from way back know that he used to be a thug and a gangster. From a very young age, Sting Carter associated himself with thugs and gangsters and we assume that's how he became one himself. He has always been influential amongst the youth and it is believed a lot of the youth from his community looked up to him and followed in his foot steps, which led to many of them living a gangster lifestyle.

But now Sting Carter has changed for the better and he is setting a good example for the youth. Sting Carter has been staying away from the ganster Lifestyle and concentrating on his music career and also taking time to motivate the youth through his social media accounts by sharing his life story and motivating the youth to do better with their lives.

If people can stop trying to live a ganster Lifestyle and concentrate on their goals they can achieve their goals through hard work and determination. Sting Carter is the perfect example of this. Since he stopped living like a ganster and started chasing his dreams, his dream has ultimately come true. He has released his first album which is available across all digital platforms from Google Play music to iTunes, spotify and so on.

To read more on Sting Carter's life stories and his views on life as a whole, search for Justine Masilo Maake on Facebook and other social media platforms which he now uses to reach out to everyone and share positivity with them while encouraging them to follow their dreams and just keep grinding.

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