Strike erupts in Kgapane as maxi and taxi associations demand Total garage to be opened - MAJOR ROAD BLOCKED

A Major road which is the main entrance to Kgapane Business Center in Bolobedu has been blocked due to a strike initiated by the maxi and taxi associations.

Most Businesses and service delivery are under threat in Kgapane since taxi drivers and maxi taxi drivers have parked their cars on a major road which is used daily for deliveries to multiple businesses. The road at the intersection between Dinoko Total garage and Kgapane hospital is also used by the municipality to deliver services to the community. 

This means that if the strike goes on any longer, the community will suffer due to lack of service delivery. This includes water tank trucks from the municipality which are use to deliver water to communities and villages that are drought striken. Families depending on food parcels from the municipality and donors may have to starve if the road isn't cleared in order for food to reach them.
According to reports "Kgapane maxi Taxi association and fellow Taxi associations have blocked the entrance to Kgapane and are demanding that the surviving family members of the late great Noko to sort out their differences and open Dinoko Total garage!"

They demand that the rightful owner should open and continue to give them the proper service they used receive.

According to both associations, maxi drivers and taxi drivers used to receive free coffees and free car washes at Dinoko Total garage. The drivers really appreciated the free coffee especially during this winter seasons because they wake up very early during these cold mornings to transport working members of the communities to their respective jobs. The free coffee from Dinoko Total garage during these cold mornings made a difference.

They also appreciated the free car washes because it made their cars clean and appealing to their commuters.

The protesters have threatened to boycott the service station permanently if their demands are not met because they are struggling as individuals who drive on a daily basis and therefore need to use the gas station daily. 

"Most drivers believe that the gas station remains closed because of greed and yet they are the ones who suffer as drivers and they are fed up, that is why they're threatening to permanently boycott the station!" Said a witness who is currently on the scene.

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