Jojo tank meant to fight water crisis during COVID19 stolen at Ga-Phaphadi, Bolobedu

BREAKING NEWS: A JoJo tank that was installed as a measure of addressing the issue of shortage of water during #COVID-19 has been stolen at Ga-Phaphadi in Bolobedu area, Ward 23 of Greater Letaba Municipality.
It is common knowledge that in order to curb the spread of Coronavirus, we must constantly wash our hands with soap, use sanitizer and wear our masks.

But most villages in rural developments are still facing a water shortage crisis. One such village is Ga-Phaphadi in Bolobedu.

Villagers have to travel miles to fetch water from rivers with buckets and wheelbarrows. And at times they share the river water with animals such as cows. The Greater Letaba municipality recently installed a jojo tank which was meant to supply desperately needed water to the village. But villagers were shocked to wake up today only to find that the tank was stolen.

It is the very same ward whereby a  grader belonging to a service provider appointed by Greater Letaba Municipality for regravelling in the Bellview cluster was stolen two weeks back. The grader is not yet found.

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