King Monada asks wife to choose between him and school - insults wife's friend for telling wife to go to school

In a shocking development, King Monada allegedly asked his wife "Lerato" to choose between him and school. And then King Monada went further to insult his wife's friend "Maite" who adviced King Monada's wife to go to school.

According to voicenotes and screenshots seen by Bolobedu Live News, King Monada is abusive torwards his first wife and the mother of his son "Junior."

According to the evidence we received. King Monada abuses Lerato constantly. He always takes her phone and takes money from her as well. King Monada's second wife Ntebatse Cynthia Lyon is employed by the greater Letaba municipality, she makes her own money. Unfortunately the same can't be said about "Lerato" the first wife.

We believe taking the money is to limit her movements because according to the screenshots, King Monada has "disconnected his wife from talking to people."

A friend of King Monada's wife sent the wife a text on WhatsApp advising her, this was after King Monada's wife asked the friend R300 to join a WhatsApp stokvel so she can make her own money because Monada always take the money he presumably gives her. But unfortunately Monanda had taken the phone from his wife and the text was received by him, he then read the messages and then started insulting the wife's friend.
Above is just the screen shots where the conversation was between King Monada and his wife's friend "Maite". Below is a screenshot where Maite was chatting to King Monada's wife "Lerato". On the screenshots, Lerato can be seen asking Maite to buy her a voucher to gamble on Betway. We assume Lerato gambles on Betway and WhatsApp stockvel to make a little money because King Monada takes money from her. So maybe she's just trying to make her own. We are just assuming. Read the screenshot below:

Ok those are all the screenshots we have on the matter. Now comes the voice notes. Press play below to listen to the WhatsApp Voice notes where "Lerato" explains her side of the story. In the voicenotes Lerato explains the part where King Monada also asked his wife to choose between him and school.

Recently King Monada threw shade at Janisto of the Double Trouble where he said "CK should pay Janisto R20 because all he does is laugh on Double Trouble songs."

After seeing what Monada said to Janisto through a Facebook post and a tweet that were deleted. And after seeing the screenshots between Monada and Maite, re nagana ore aboze boze Monada ke nyela.

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