King Monada says CK should pay Janisto R20 coz all he does is laugh in Double Trouble songs

King Monada recently had something to say about the relationship between Janisto and CK, famously known as The Double Trouble and it wasn't pretty.

King Monada took to his social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook then said "Nkase thome ka beat kaba ka opela then Makwela batla kao sega ka ba fa 50% ya tshelete yaka, ekaba ke thomile go gafa... Monna efa ntweo R20"

The above statement loosely translates to "I can't start a beat then sing on the beat and then Makwela comes and laughs on the song and i give him 50% of my money. I'd have to be crazy... Give him R20"

This ofcourse is King Monada throwing shade at the Double Trouble, insinuating that CK the DJ makes all the beats then sings on the beats then Janisto just laughs on the songs and gets 50% of "CK's money!" He further suggests that CK should give Janisto R20.

It is believed that King Monada is angry at Janisto and throwing shade because Janisto posted an image on Facebook and captioned it "Team Limpopo Rocks!" Then he also mentioned artists from Limpopo who rock but did not mention King Monada on the post.

After investigations, we found that the reason Janisto did not mention King Monada is because he mentioned artists which are signed with Open Mic Music. And King Monada is not a part of the staple.

King Monada has since deleted the tweet and the Facebook post shading the Double Trouble. But screenshots remain and King Monada's fans are still bashing Janisto on Facebook.

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