King Monada's wife number 2 "Cynthia Lion" leaves the polygamous marriage

We have it on good authority that Ntebatse Cynthia Lion has left King Monada.
King Monada, real name Khutso Kgatla, found comfort in the arms of a yellow bone beauty Cynthia Nthebatse Lion in  2018 right around the time when the idibala challenge went viral.

It was then that King Monada then paid lobola for Cynthia Lion. Fans have always thought that King Monada loves the yellow bone wife more than the first wife and never thought they would break up because he flaunts the yellow bone one and also takes pictures with her but not with the first wife.

But as much as we thought this one will be with King Monada forever, we were wrong. Marriage is nie pap and vleis. Especially a polygamous marriage.

Learato Cynthia Lion has packed her bags and left King Monada's house. She hired a bakkie to collect all her belongings last week.

It is not clear why the couples separated. Infact it apoears that they are trying to keep it under wraps. 

We couldn't get a hold of King Monada for comments on the matter. But we will bring you more on the story as it develops.

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