SAB Truck spotted delivering booze to Shoprite Liquor in Modjadji Plaza

A South African Breweries truck was spotted in Kgapane, Bolobedu on it's way to deliver booze to Shoprite Liquor at Modjadji Plaza!

For the past few weeks there has been numerous speculations that liquor stores will be open on the 15th of August.

But none of these speculations have been authenticated until today when a brewery truck was seen delivering the much missed alcohol.

Ever since alcohol was banned, South Africans have been buying alcohol with ridiculous prices at what they call "backdoor sellers"!

These backdoor sellers sell their alcohol at about R50 per quart. And this is only for brown bottles like Castle, Black Label and Hansa. For other bottles there's an extra charge of maybe a R5, depending on who is the seller.

This SAB delivery truck is all the validation we need that alcohol sales will be reinstated. But let's wait and hear it straight from Cyril Ramaphosa when he gives his speech. South African politics is unstable and unpredictable. He might just say the alcohol ban will not be lifted.

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