Organizers of All Black Music Festival confirm that it's happening again on the 24th of December


2019 we saw the rise of All Black Music Festival and it has just been confirmed that 2020 we will see the second installment of the massive yearly event.

There has been a lot of uncertainty concerning a lot of things in 2020. We were never sure if we would ever get to level one of lock down. And with that being said, it was uncertain if we would have another dose of All Black Music Festival this year.

But Bolobedu Live can confirm that All Black Music Festival is happening again on the 24th of December at the Legacy, Ga-matipane.

All Black Music Festival is one of the biggest events to ever hit the shores of Bolobedu. The annual event exceeded it's expectations. The attendance was huge and after the event, it was all everyone was talking about'

But more than anything, the organizers are proud of how the event helped local entrepreneurs. In just one day, every small, medium and big business in Ga-matipane and surroundings was sold out. 

This includes small catering businesses, everyone who had a food stand outside the event sold everything they had before midnight and either had to pack it up and join the party or go fetch more food from home.

Local taverns near the event also expressed gratitude to the organizers because their booze was sold out on that one night. Another grateful business owner is the owner of a motel nearby who said for the first time since he opened his business, the place was fully booked in one night thanks to All Black Music Festival.

And this year the organzers have promised a bigger and better version of All Black Music Festival. A line up will follow soon and we will bring you more as soon as we know more.

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