Lil Merri forgives cheating girlfriend "Matsatsi"


Lil Merri Mathopa also known as King of Voice has proved that indeed true love conquers all.

In the past few days social media has been a buzz and Lil Merri's relationship with his girlfriend "Matsatsi" was in the middle of it all.

According to reports, Tsatsi hurt Lil Merri by cheating on him. Fans took to social media to express their views. Some fans took to facebook to make fun of the fact that Lil Merri wajelwa, while others just said "skhala s'baningi" which means there is a few of us crying over mjolo.

Others however took to social media to comfort the star with loving and comforting words, while others simply said "they are still kids let them make mistakes."

Lil Merri was quiet during all this facebook comossion and then out of the blue he uploaded a picture of himself and his girlfriend "Matsatsi."

There was a lot of mixed emotions from fans.

But as for us, we think that Lil Merri and Matsatsi never broke up and Matsatsi never cheated. We believe that this was all a marketing strategy for Lil Merri's new hit tittled "Mashupini" where he is in collaboration with "CK the DJ." The song Mashuping wa boyelwa simply entails that "To an ex lover we do go back." Which is exactly what Lil Merri did, he went back to an ex.

We command the PR team behind this stunt.

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