Tokoloshe with a big penis rapes students at Ga Phaphadi


Tokoloshe with a giant 4_5 caused serious damage at Phaphadi

As many as 78 pupils at the college complain of being sore and tired after the super-horny little man with the huge 4-5 abused them while they are sleeping.

One of the students said that when the tokoloshe starts doings it's job, you will feel very nice and enjoy every moment but once it is done the pain you will feel is too much.

The students told daily sun at a village called Phaphadi just outside Giyane in Limpopo.

Dolly One of the students said the tokoloshe has a big 4-5.

“He tells us to have a good day after sex. I wake up with my bottom wet. We truly need prayers,” said Dolly.

Sangoma Precious “Dabulamanzi” Sithole said the women need someone to remove the tokoloshe curse from them

One of the boys at the school said that one night he didn't have sleep so he stayed up until very late at night. Just after midnight he head his bedroom door opening. He was soo scared he covered himself with a blanket. The tokoloshe then came inside and tryed to mastuba_te him.

Again another male student said"The tokoloshe comes back to torture me," he said. "I have nowhere to hide."

He also has no money, no job and no girlfriend. He is forever looking for money to pay for his sex habit.

"I really want a girlfriend but the tokoloshe won't allow it. The tokoloshe does something that makes the women think I am evil and they leave me," he said

The students are all veryterrified and are running away from the school. They all can't take it anymore. They all all this is too much

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