Limpopo gets it's own app like uber for requesting rides - PickUp Cab is the name

Limpopo finally has an app for requesting cabs. The app is already available in google play store. People can request a cab and get picked up from their exact location using GEO location. This feature has made it possible for the app to be operational in even remote areas. So even if you are from the villages you can use the app to request a ride or register your car on the app to become a driver in your village.
This initiative came at a very crucial time, it is December and people need transport to go to parties and family gatherings. If you have plans this festive season that need transport but you do not have a car, this app is for you. Download PickUp Cab.

Below is a screenshot of how the app looks in Google play store:

Another reason we think this app came at a great time is because a lot of people lost their jobs due to COVID-19 but if you have a car you can register to drive on the app and earn some cash.

To register your car on PickUp Cab send a WhatsApp text to 083 390 1044 and you will be given a link to complete your online application. After your application, the information you provided will be verified and once verified you will be approved and start receiving ride requests on the app and make money.

We tried the app and below is an onscreen illustration of how the app works:

The app has live tracking as a safety precaution for it's users. This means that the admins of the app are able to see the exact location of clients and drivers. So if anything goes wrong they will know exactly where you are. The admins are also working on a panic button to implement on the app, if ever a client doesn't feel safe they can press the button on the app and the relevant authorities will be contacted and your GEO location sent to them immediately.

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