Medingen Lifestyle Centre presents Mr Johns birthday celebration - Free hubbly and free WiFi

Medingen Lifestyle Centre presents Maduane Johns birthday celebration on the Valentine's weekend.

Mr Johns is inviting everyone to come to Medingen Lifestyle Centre this Saturday to come celebrate his birthday party. The birthday shandis will be on the 13 of February this Saturday on Valentine's eve.

Mr Johns is widely known as an ambitious businessman and an inspiration to many. Kids look up to him, women want him and men want to be like him because of his lifestyle. 

We celebrate men who encouraged members of the community to work hard to live the good life and Mr Johns is one of those men. According to Mr Johns, everyone is welcome to come celebrate with him as he celebrates another year of hard work and hard earned blessings.

Mr Johns birthday celebration entry is FREE but if you are not wearing a mask you will not be allowed inside. Please dress nicely because the camera man will be there taking nice pictures.

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