Medingen Lifestyle presents: Teddy's All White Party

Medingen Lifestyle Centre will be hosting yet another All White Party this Saturday on the 27th of February.

We have been through a lot as a country and we deserve a break. Fortunately for the community of Medingen and surroundings, there is a party on Saturday and we are all invited to come through and unwind.

This is not the first All White Party to be hosted at Medingen Lifestyle Centre, but we were very much uncertain if there will ever be another one due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Fortunately now that lockdown regulations have been eased, the gates are open at Medingen Lifestyle Centre.

Last year the All White Party which was hosted in honour of Teddy Racheku's birthday celebration was an epic event. And this year he is promising us even more from his annual All White Party at Medingen Lifestyle Centre.

Teddy has encouraged everyone who is coming to the party to wear their face mask or else they will be denied entry. Everyone is encouraged to wear All White as per the theme of the party.

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