Businessman creates jobs to empower local community of Itieleng in Ga-Rapitsi, Bolobedu

We live in a time where people are loosing jobs everyday, but one local businessman has took it upon himself to create jobs and empower the local community of Itieleng in Ga-kgapane, Bolobedu.
Itieleng Bricks and Timber (IBT) produces and supplies roof trusses at factory prices and they also offer discount on bulk orders.

The opening of this factory has created job opportunities for a lot of unemployed people in the community, this includes truck drivers to deliver products made at the factory.

Products include: Perlines, roofing poles(kapa), stock bricks, maxi bricks, bou sand, river sand and other building materials.
The opening of this Factory has not only created employment for members of the community but has also contributed to community empowerment because now members of the community can build comfortable homes by buying their building material at factory prices with IBT.
Everything they sell is manufactured here at the community of Itieleng, by the community for the community.

Ww commend community empowerment projects such as this one and we wish it growth and success.

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