Businessman uses his own money to fix community road neglected by government

Being a business owner is challenging especially if your business is in the rural parts of South Africa where our government delivers nothing but ballot boxes instead of delivering service to the people.

One Businessman from Medingen in Bolobedu North has since lost hope in our government and took it upon himself to do what should have been done by the government. 
Tebogo Dinoko has used his own time, money and resources to fix a dilapidated road which caters for community members in Medingen. The community has been neglected for quite some time, even the high school at Medingen is in bad shape. The high school was built by forefathers of Medingen using their own bricks made from clay and mud. And now the road is also being fixed by an individual instead of the government. Even water is a crisis at Medingen, we have community members that have had to buy water pipes from their own pockets and connect water lines to their respective neighborhoods because the government is giving medingen the middle finger.
What we have noticed as a community of Medingen is that we are on our own. Tenogo Dinoko owns Medingen Lifestyle Centre which is an establishment which brings the city vibe to the village of Medingen. This establishment as a huge development to the village and it has the potential to bring city people to the village but due to bad road infrastructure people couldn't travel on the bad rods until he took it upon himself to fix this. It is temporary measures but it's better than nothing.
Tebogo Dinoko who loves the village of Medingen despite the fact that he has a house in Tzaneen will be celebrating his birthday at Medingen tonight on the first of May(Saturday). The birthday celebration will be held at Medingen Lifestyle Centre and people are expected to show up in numbers and DNK has gone out of his way to ensure that they make it to Medingen using a road worth traveling.
The fixing of this road will benefit the ignored community members. And local business owners from vendors to welders and much more.

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